4 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Employee Wellness Program | Virginia Benefit Advisors

Employee Wellness Programs are a key factor in employee engagement and overall company success in today’s business world. Wellness programs are consistently evolving and changing as employee demands shift. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to engage and encourage their employees, preferably at a lower cost. Below are some effective and cost-efficient ways to … Continued

Examples of Companies’ Wellness Programs | Virginia Benefit Advisors

Companies implement workplace wellness programs to improve the health of workers, increase productivity and decrease the costs related to health care and employee absenteeism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention promotes workplace wellness programs as a way to improve the health and quality of life for Americans and reduce the nation’s health-care costs. Workplace … Continued

The Best Incentives for Wellness Programs | Virginia Employee Benefits

Overview According to WellnessIncentivePrograms.com, worksite wellness programs contribute to lower insurance and medical care costs, less absenteeism and boosted employee morale and productivity. Incentives are an effective way to increase participation in worksite wellness programs, leading to further cost savings. There is a correlation between the amount of the incentive and levels of program participation, … Continued